I support you personally - so that you reach your goal.


During the longer work phases, I offer you tailor-made support.


I correct spelling and grammar for you so that all your content meets the usual linguistic standards.


As an editor, I check the comprehensibility of your text and give you advice on how to address the target group appropriately.


My subject areas for coaching and accompaniment include the following academic fields:

Social topics

social work, education, social pedagogy, curative education, teaching professions, coaching, etc.

Business subjects

MBA, Executive MBA, Management, Leadership, Innovation, Business Informatics, Business Engineering, Financing, Consulting, etc.

Humanities & Cultural Studies

German Studies, Linguistics, History of Art, Philosophy, etc.

Nursing sciences

care management, nursing, etc.

Your discipline is not listed here? On request, you can find out to what extent I can still support you.

1. I support you

We start from where you are now. No situation is too difficult. I am on your side and support you as you are, "from the spot". The conversation with you is more important to me than "the science".

2. A clear concept

The reason for writer's block almost always lies in the fact that the concept is still too unclear. Thanks to a sensible question and achievable goals, your work will get going.

3. A good document

The goal is to write a document that meets expectations. It is not about "the truth" for the next 1000 years - just a transparent contribution to the current state of knowledge. I teach you everything you need to know about writing and guide you. You can relax.

4. The recipe for success

With this recipe your work will be a success: A) Your work is easily doable for you. B) Your finished paper meets the criteria of scholarship. C) Your topic corresponds to your interest, so that added value is created for you.

The basis of my coaching is always the discussion with you. At the beginning it makes sense for us to meet and get to know each other personally (except in the case of health-protective measures such as “social distancing”). Subsequently, we can also have the conversation via telephone/online collaboration/e-mail.


My subject areas for coaching and support include the following scientific fields:

Idealerweise ist die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Ihnen und Ihrem Betreuer ein ├╝bersichtlicher Prozess, der gezielt voranschreitet und durch sinnvolle Meilensteine getaktet ist. Das erlaubt auf beiden Seiten ein entspanntes Arbeiten.

Guidance to the goal:

I guide you to the goal. Step by step. We start where you are now.

Receive guidance & feedback:

With my guidance for the next step, you make good progress. Thanks to feedback, you can increase the quality of your work.

Understanding the Professor:

I help you understand what your supervisor expects from you.

The goal of the work: What do you want your work to achieve?

– What does your supervisor expect in terms of content and form (to what extent)?

– By when does he or she expect it?

If you know your supervisor’s answers to these questions, you can define work packages and work purposefully.

It is important that you also ask your supervisor your questions at the right time. This guarantees you regular reassurance and saves you unnecessary and time-consuming work that misses the mark.

To avoid such inconveniences, I support and accompany you in the background: I offer you monitoring of the status of your work and support you in the dialogue with your supervisor. I prepare your questions to the supervisor with you and evaluate his answers together with you.

The goal of our cooperation is a smooth and fruitful dialogue with your supervisor. This way you will leave a positive impression on him or her.

Proofreading and editing

Proofreading and editing ensure that your work is easy to read. You leave a professional impression on your supervisors and colleagues and lay the foundation for a possible publication of your academic work. I need 1-2 days to edit texts of up to 60 pages, and 2-3 days for texts of up to 100 pages. I reserve the time for this in my calendar so that you are guaranteed to receive the finished text on your desired date.


Proofreading aims to ensure that your text is free of linguistic and formal errors. I correct spelling, grammar, citation and the bibliography. In addition, I correct misleading sentence constructions so that your work meets scientific standards. After my professional review, the linguistic surface of your work complies with all applicable standards.


Editing builds on the proofreading and optimises the text with stylistic corrections as well as essential information on structure, coherence of argumentation and reader guidance. I take care to present complicated issues in an easy and comprehensible way, thereby increasing readability. Thanks to proofreading, your performance is presented in the best light.

Printing Services

Have you created a valuable diploma thesis, a bachelor's thesis or a master's thesis and are short on time for printing and binding? Then we have the solution for you: so that your personal work leaves the best impression, we offer the fastest and most comprehensive printing, binding and shipping service in Switzerland. We guarantee to print, bind and ship your work to the location of your choice in just 1 business day. This gives you the maximum time to work on the content.